Acquisition Support

PO Advisory Mergers and Acquisitions

Technical Due Diligence

PO Advisory is a valuable member of any due diligence team studying potential purchase of existing production facilities. Our proven approach for technical analysis of the underlying production assets include:

Productive Outcomes helps its customers avoid the pain of a bad acquisition by:

  • Quantifying the Production Mission
  • Analyzing Recent Production Performance
  • Analyzing Recent Cost Performance
  • Evaluating Historical HSE Performance
  • Assessment of the Site Organization
  • Effectiveness of Facility Reports
  • Observed Condition of the Facility
  • Potential Red Flags
  • Potential Upside Opportunities

A seller may be expected to amplify positive attributes of the subject facility, while hesitating to disclose negative performance factors. PO Advisory's methods are proven effective in gaining insight to reality of the existing conditions.