Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Advisory

PO Advisory Construction Management

EPC Phase Management

Many new-build construction projects go over budget and schedule starting from the first day. Unfortunately the associated delays and costs are not easily seen till later in the project, when the ability to recover is limited and costly. The involvement of PO Advisory to ensure contractor’s conformance to project specifications and contractual obligations. Disciplined adherence to best practices in safety, quality, schedule, and budget.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pre-Qualifying Contractors for Success
  • Reviewing Technical Specifications for Completeness
  • Structuring Effective Contracts
  • Defining the Owner's Management Team
  • Delivering Project Management Protocols
  • Overseeing Project Delivery
  • Resolving Contractor Claims

We know that safety, quality, and compliance are not isolated categories of project performance, but are embedded in each step along the way to a successful project. Best practices in these essential areas are included in each of the above service offerings.

Commercial Claims Management

Bridging Gaps between Technical, Commercial, and Legal Teams Involved in New Construction

The senior management team of Productive Outcomes LLC (“PO Advisory”) has extensive and recent experience resolving claims and disputes arising during Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) phase of new infrastructure projects. Our subject matter experts, their tools and proven methods are effective across all stages, from the early receipt of claims through the arbitration final hearing. There will always be claims arising during new construction projects. The best defense against unmerited claims is adequate preparation, and the proven methods of PO Advisory provide you a great place to start!

Features and Benefits:

  • Identify technical matters giving rise to claims
  • Prepare workflows to manage technical claims
  • Provide claims management training to Owner's site team
  • Guide Owner's team in responding to claims
  • Assist in settling disputes without arbitration
  • And More…