Facility Operations + Maintenance

PO Advisory Operations and Maintenance

O&M Programs Designed for Success

Creating and implementing high-quality operations and maintenance (O&M) programs for a new production facility require substantial time and resources. PO Advisory has proven methods to produce these new programs in cooperation with the local workforce, thereby bringing known best practices while providing ownership to the O&M team.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher production output
  • Higher operating earnings
  • Optimum O&M cost per unit of output
  • Organizational alignment
  • Clear spending priorities

Existing Facilities

PO Advisory has a suite of programs proven effective in achieving insight and maintaining clarity in facility business operations.

This integrated suite includes:

  • Communications
  • Effective Reporting
  • Production Monitoring and Trending
  • Cost Trending and Forecasting (Operating & Capital)
  • Quarterly Audit Program
  • Positive Feedback Loops