Project Owners Representative

PO Advisory Owner's Rep

We Stand In Your Shoes

Our customers periodically require additional managerial capacity or depth to negotiate and/or manage contracts, projects, or undertakings not frequently arising. In such circumstance, PO Advisory provides strong management team members to sit with, serve, represent, and/or act on behalf of the customer (the “Owner”) interacting with one or more external parties.

Characteristics of this service include:

  • The Owner’s Representative works solely to priorities and best interests of the customer
  • The added strength is dynamically applied (this is not a passive service)
  • Authorities and boundaries are pre-determined by the customer
  • The engagement may be short or mid-term in duration

Example work scopes for this service include contracts negotiation, oversight of complex international projects, and temporary fill-in for unexpected loss of a senior executive. Whatever the circumstance, the assigned PO Advisory representative acts and functions as a senior member of the customer’s team for the duration of service.