• Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Organizational Performance - Process Workflows - Productivity Improvement

  • Improve Operating Earnings

    Improve Operating Earnings

    Higher Earnings with Less Volatility

  • Aligning Production Systems

    Aligning Production Systems & Processes

    Comprehensive Solutions to Reach Your Expected Business Outcomes

What We Do

We are a veteran-owned, management consulting firm working with its customers to improve financial outcomes of production companies and facilities. Our main pillars of service are organizational performance assessments and improvements, optimization of process workflows, and workforce productivity improvement. Additional services include technical support for corporate acquisitions, development of new power projects, management of new-build facility projects, and establishment of facility operations and maintenance (O&M) business functions.

Our services are deployed internationally and integrate local cultures and workforces around the globe.

At Our Core

We believe successful employees enable positive business outcomes for the company.
Truthful internal confrontation is required to overcome external threats to the business.
Lead by example. The higher the position, the greater the accountability to the organization.
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Who We Are

Tom Paul Tom Paul, President & CEO, was previously President and CEO of Marubeni Power Asset Management Limited ("MPAM") in Hong Kong. Overall, he has 30 years of experience in the power generation industry encompassing nuclear, conventional thermal, combustion turbine, reciprocating engine, hydroelectric and biomass technologies.

His extensive knowledge and expertise include engineering, maintenance, operations, administration, labor relations and adult education with core competencies including applied business analysis, corporate acquisitions analysis, international market analysis, international labor force development, labor conflict resolution, and international business start-ups.

Our Services