About Us

We are a collective group of solutions-oriented subject matter experts with a vast array of backgrounds. Saying we are problems solvers seems too simple but at the end of the day we fix what is broken. Our phone doesn't ring when when our clients are experiencing success; our phone rings when there is a unique problem that needs to be fixed quickly and with professionalism and discretion.

Team Leader and Working Founder

Tom Paul, President & CEO, was previously President and CEO of Marubeni Power Asset Management Limited ("MPAM") in Hong Kong. Overall, he has 30 years of experience in the power generation industry encompassing nuclear, conventional thermal, combustion turbine, reciprocating engine, hydroelectric and biomass technologies.

His extensive knowledge and expertise include engineering, maintenance, operations, administration, labor relations and adult education with core competencies including applied business analysis, corporate acquisitions analysis, international market analysis, international labor force development, labor conflict resolution, and international business start-ups.

Global Workforce

We Deliver Best Practice Services Integrating Local Cultures and Workforces around the Globe.


Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds, nations, cultures, skills and experiences.

Core Values

Honesty at all cost. We Never Settle and dive head first into your business with solutions that Make a Difference.