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Sangita Singh

Welcome Sangita Singh!

Productive Outcomes LLC, is pleased to welcome Sangita Singh to our team of experts as Executive Safety Coach/ HSE Consultant. Read More

Earn your seat

Earning Your Seat

Somewhere between Matt Lauer and X – formerly Twitter, the lines between a toxic work environment and normal, or dare I say strict work ethic, became blurry. Read More

Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is a multifaceted concept that involves a combination of qualities and behaviors. Read More

Mike Cilinski

Welcome Mike Ciliniski!

Productive Outcomes is excited to add Mike Cilinski to our team of experts! Mike brings 50 years of power generations experience… Read More

Tom Paul

Fear of Failure

True failure is being unwilling to try or giving up too soon. Learning from trial and error is as natural as breathing and is part of our scientific method. Being wrong is not a failure; Read More


Virtual Power Plants

PG&E and Tesla recently announce the launch of their pilot program to create virtual power plant. This type of announced program is helpful in stimulating discussion, but… Read More


Land of the Blue Sky and the Red Hero City

One of the perks of having international projects is traveling to distant, new places. Although I had a pretty busy schedule, I was able to experience some interesting places… Read More


Key Performance Indicators

I once asked the boss of a neighboring company in Pennsylvania how his business was doing. Since his business was steel products manufacturing, I expected a negative response (public news at the time was that the U.S. steel industry was suffering) Read More


Team Performance Expectations

Some years ago, was instructed by a customer to remove and replace a resident service representative due to his poor performance. At the time, our company was going through big changes and I (as the supervisor) felt partially to blame… Read More