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Productive Outcomes Services

We Solve Rare Challenges

We specialize in business process analysis, design, and alignment to achieve target outcomes. This includes development and validation of key performance indicators, organizational assessments and realignments, and determination of process improvements for higher output and better financial results. Benefits to our customers include greater efficiencies, less business volatility month to month and higher operating earnings…these benefits achieved via a more productive workforce.
We deliver best-practice services integrating local cultures and workforces around the globe. We are typically engaged by senior management or board level interaction in the following industries:

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufacturers
  • General Contractors
  • Regulated Utilities
  • Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Investors and Lenders

Business Process Workflows

Productive Outcomes LLC specializes in mapping organizational workflows inclusive of inputs, outputs, people-participants, machines, computers, stakeholders, etc. After mapping, our proven techniques are used to streamline the workflows in cooperation with the local team. Priorities are set based on impact of the recommended changes.

Features and Benefits:

  • More efficient processes
  • Reduced cost of money in the process
  • Reduced cost of time in the process
  • Improved quality of the output

Performance Benchmarks

A benchmark is a line drawn in the work (and applied to each KPI). Performance at or above this line indicates high level of achievement; performance below the line indicates further effort is required. Productive Outcomes LLC employs benchmarking method for continuous improvement of each segment of the organization against itself, over time, with constant movement of the line (“raising the bar”).

Features and Benefits:

  • Identifies minimum standards of performance
  • Quantifies the upside potential
  • Enables creation of effective team performance incentives

Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s are meaningful and measurable performance indices applicable to a specific (every) level within the organization. The company President has one set of KPI’s...the Manager of Human Resources has a different set. If properly defined and aligned, KPI’s provide laser-beam targeting of performance improvements for individual, teams, and the entire integrated organization.

We employ proven methods to identify KPI’s appropriate to any level in the organization to achieve business targets. Our iterative process involves participation and feedback from all stakeholders, owners, department heads, and managers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a dashboard for the overall business and the departments within
  • Aligns the various departments into one cohesive team working in the same direction
  • Shines a light on less-visible areas of the business

Employee Training

Failures of production usually indicate a training need for the people within the process. Productive Outcomes LLC employs proprietary method to precisely determine causes of production failures then prepare training methodology to eliminate the cause.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduction of process failures
  • Training dollars directly tied to production needs
  • Repeatable continuous improvement in the process

Workforce Conflict Resolution

There are no winners in a conflict between company workforce and management. In cooperation with the company management team, PO Advisory employs bridge-building methods designed to assess nature of the conflict, determine minimum expectations for each side, advise and promote a glide path to settlement, participate in negotiations between the parties, prepare contingency plans for potential outcomes, and implement contingency plans as warranted by the situation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Assess nature of the conflict
  • Determine minimum expectations for each side
  • Advise and promote a glide path to settlement
  • Participate in negotiations between the parties
  • Prepare contingency plans for potential outcomes
  • Implement contingency plans as warranted by the situation

Labor Study (Globaly)

We perform labor studies for the consideration of new construction projects across the world. Our reports aide in the decision making process when deciding what risks to take in different parts of the world. This work includes determining availability and cost of various job classifications; collecting and assessing construction site work rules and practices; and identifying other infrastructure projects competing for labor during the relevant period. The labor study also considered the likely impact of COVID-19 conditions during the construction period along with potential political risk events possibly arising.

Typical Report Topics:

  • Labor rates, by region and trade
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environmental (HSSE) Considerations
  • General Work Rules, by region
  • Site Precautions and Requirements
  • Projects competing for Labor
  • Political risks
  • Workforce risks